Interfreight UK Ltd

We did it!! Interfreight UK are now AEO accredited



Interfreight UK are delighted to announce that we have now been granted AEO status. Now recognised as an Authorised Economic Operator, this quality mark indicates that our position in the international supply chain is secure as well as proving our custom controls and procedures are efficient and compliant in accordance with HMRC requirements

In order to achieve AEO status, the company had to satisfy a number of stringent criteria including a good tax and compliance history, appropriate security and safety measures, good commercial and transport record-keeping standards and financial solvency

This is fantastic news for us as there are currently only around 500 companies in the UK who have achieved AEO certification and it stands us in line with the likes of Asda, IBM and British Airways so we’re in very good company

Equally, it further cements our position in the international market as it provides us with an enhanced corporate profile, a competitive advantage and increased customer confidence in the way we do business

The process surrounding an AEO application includes close scrutiny on the whole supply chain of a company including all partners, departments and processes involved all the way from procurement to fulfilment. This process itself offers huge benefits to a company as the intensive, end-to-end look at the business demonstrates its worthiness in being granted the mark of recognition which is why everyone at Interfreight UK is delighted with the long-awaited result

Other key advantages of gaining AEO accreditation include a lower risk score in risk analysis systems, priority treatment if physical controls are required, mutual recognition of AEO programmes could ensure faster movement of goods and, in turn, this may result in reduced theft and losses and fewer delayed shipments as containers are less likely to be stopped for customs inspection

It’s truly shaping up to be a momentous year for Interfreight as 2017 marks our 10th Anniversary

The directors and staff would like to thanks our wonderful clients for their continued support and we look forward to a prosperous future together


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